Awesomatix A800 Aluminum Chassis | Black

Awesomatix A800 Aluminum Chassis | Black

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SKU: AV1633-B
Price: $75.00 $50.00

Product Overview

The Awesomatix A800 Aluminum Chassis has been designed for high bite conditions which we are now finding on the new CRC black carpet. We have widened the inner pivots 0.5mm on each side (front and rear) which stabilizes the car allowing you to drive it harder with more confidence. We have also brought back the optional battery position by allowing you to move the battery back 6mm to increase the cars rotation. We recommend using this chassis to increase performance on high to medium bite conditions.


  • 7075-T6 (2mm) Black Anodized Aluminum, Avid logo laser etched, and silver edge highlights on both sides.
  • Inner suspension pivots have been widened 0.5mm on each side (front and rear).
  • Optional battery position allowing the battery to placed 6mm back.
  • 2mm thickness allows for lower CG and ability to lower roll centers more than stock.
  • Chassis shape is smoothed to keep droop screw platforms from digging into the track during hard cornering.
  • Recommend for use on high to medium bite conditions.


  • It is advised to run our carbon bumper brace kit to save the chassis on hard front crashes.
  • Remember the car will be wider now with this chassis so you will have to adjust your camber.

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