HB Carbon Wing Gurney | High Downforce

HB Carbon Wing Gurney | High Downforce

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The HB carbon wing gurney with high downforce adds 2.75mm of flap to the 2 outer sections and 1mm of flap to the center sections to greatly increase downforce while offering that cool carbon look. Also, take a look at our medium downforce version for even more traction.


  • Obviously, carbon is not indestructible but our testing has shown that these are far more resilient than you would expect. It is recommended to tighten your screws all the way and then back off 1/8th of a turn to remove some of the pinch from the screw head.


  • 100% Premium carbon fiber.
  • Increases gurney by 2.75mm on the outside and 1mm to the center to add downforce.
  • Looks totally awesome man.
  • Back off screws 1/8th of a turn after fully tightening them.

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