Kyosho HD Long Rear Axle (2)

Kyosho HD Long Rear Axle (2)

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UPC: 818021011055
Price: $15.00

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In order to use these Kyosho HD Long Rear Axles, you must first purchase our conversion kit. These axles are only if you need to replace the axle from normal wear and tear and don't require the hexes.

AVID engineers shouted "Enough!" after witnessing one too many Kyosho rear axle failures. We went into the lab and studied the design to see how we could stop those pesky DNFs for our Kyosho customers, and we guarantee you won"t break our Heavy-Duty Long Rear Axle. The HD Long rear axle conversion fits the RB6, RB5, and Lazer ZX-5 buggies.

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