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What is FlexKit?

Welcome to Avid RC's FlexKit program. FlexKit allows you to customize the bearing kit for your car instead of being stuck in particular seal/shield type. Typical bearing kits consist of all rubber sealed bearings, metal shielded, or the ever popular Revolution seal that Avid innovated 9 years ago however you never get to choose which seal/shield you want or what type of ball. With the FlexKit software you can choose what type of seal and ball type you want for each different size bearing. Maybe you want metal ceramic clutch bearings but you want Revolutions everywhere else, well you can do that! The program runs inline with our live inventory system so if a bearing is out of stock it will just be greyed out so you can't select it. So get in there and get down and dirty by choosing exactly what you want or take the easy road and just click the Order Kit button and we will send you what we recommend. So are you ready to get started, start by choosing your vehicles manufacturer up there on the right?

This program has been in development for several years however that doesn't mean we have every kit programmed in. Most of the more popular vehicles are ready for your building and we are adding more every day. But if you don't see what you are looking for or have any problems using this program, please shoot Avid an email by clicking here.

Coming soon: Once you add the kit to your cart you have the ability to increase the values of each particular bearing if you know you need more or if you don't need that bearing at all you may remove! That's right, fully custom!

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