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Avid is proud to be distributing Koswork R/C Model which specializes in R/C products design and manufacturing. The company was founded in 2010 by Nick Koswork and at some point you have most likely used a product produced by them without knowing it. Now adding focus on his own brand based out of Taichung, Taiwan, we hope to make it easier for you to obtain these new fresh ideas.

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1/10 Buggy Drawstring Bag
SKU: KOS32271 | Price: $18.00
1/10 Smart Touring Car Bag
SKU: KOS32210 | Price: $85.00
1/10 Touring Car Stand
SKU: KOS13401 | Price: $3.00
Out Of Stock
1/10 Touring Car Stand (No Logo)
SKU: KOS13402 | Price: $3.00
Out Of Stock
1/8 Pit Bag (Top Open design)
SKU: KOS32205 | Price: $160.00
1/8 Smart Buggy/Onroad Car Bag
SKU: KOS32208 | Price: $85.00
Ball End Hex Wrench 2.0mm (w/120mm Tip)
SKU: KOS13204-H20B | Price: $12.50
Out Of Stock
Ball End Hex Wrench 2.0mm (w/120mm Tip)
SKU: KOS13201-H20B | Price: $9.00
Out Of Stock
Ball End Hex Wrench 2.5mm (w/120mm Tip)
SKU: KOS13204-H25B | Price: $12.50
Out Of Stock
Ball End Hex Wrench 2.5mm (w/120mm Tip)
SKU: KOS13201-H25B | Price: $7.50
Out Of Stock
Checkered Transmitter Foam
SKU: KOS32306-CH | Price: $18.50
Out Of Stock
Classic 500ml Fuel Bottle
SKU: KOS09005 | Price: $10.00
Classic 700ml Fuel Bottle
SKU: KOS09003 | Price: $12.00
Complete Tool Kit w/Pouch
SKU: KOS13246 | Price: $35.00
Flat Head Engine Tuning Screwdriver 4.0mm
SKU: KOS13204-F4 | Price: $12.00
Foldable Tool Bag 285x180mm
SKU: KOS32215 | Price: $30.00
Futaba 7PX/7PXR Transmitter Foam
SKU: KOS32306-7PX | Price: $18.50
Out Of Stock
Gold 700ml Fuel Bottle
SKU: KOS09002 | Price: $14.00
Out Of Stock
Hard Coated Aluminum Ballcup Wrench (1/10)
SKU: KOS13204-CUP | Price: $13.00
Hex Wrench 1.5mm (w/120mm Tip)
SKU: KOS13204-H15 | Price: $12.00
Hex Wrench 2.0mm (w/120mm Tip)
SKU: KOS13204-H20 | Price: $12.00
Hex Wrench 2.5mm (w/120mm Tip)
SKU: KOS13204-H25 | Price: $12.00
Hex Wrench 3.0mm (w/120mm Tip)
SKU: KOS13204-H30 | Price: $12.00
Hex Wrench Tip 1.5x120mm
SKU: KOS13201-H15 | Price: $6.50
Out Of Stock
Hex Wrench Tip 1.5x75mm 1/4" Drive Hex
SKU: KOS13207-H15 | Price: $8.50
Hex Wrench Tip 2.0x120mm
SKU: KOS13201-H20 | Price: $6.50
Out Of Stock
Hex Wrench Tip 2.0x75mm 1/4" Drive Hex
SKU: KOS13207-H20 | Price: $8.50
Hex Wrench Tip 2.5x120mm
SKU: KOS13201-H25 | Price: $6.50
Out Of Stock
Hex Wrench Tip 2.5x75mm 1/4" Drive Hex
SKU: KOS13207-H25 | Price: $8.50
Hex Wrench Tip 3.0x120mm
SKU: KOS13201-H30 | Price: $7.50
Out Of Stock
Hex Wrench Tip 3.0x75mm 1/4" Drive Hex
SKU: KOS13207-H30 | Price: $8.50
Leisure Backpack/ 1/10 Car Backpack
SKU: KOS32203 | Price: $90.00
Leisure Bag/Transmitter Bag
SKU: KOS32202 | Price: $45.00
Nut Driver 5.5mm  1/4" Drive Hex
SKU: KOS13207-N55 | Price: $12.00
Nut Driver 7.0mm  1/4" Drive Hex
SKU: KOS13207-N7 | Price: $12.00
Parts Box 88x63x21mm (3 sets)
SKU: KOS32118 | Price: $5.00
Sanwa M17 Transmitter Foam
SKU: KOS32306-M17 | Price: $18.50
Out Of Stock
Sanwa MT44 Transmitter Foam
SKU: KOS32306-MT44 | Price: $18.50
Out Of Stock
Shock/Diff Fluid Bag
SKU: KOS32204 | Price: $40.00
Tool Box 245*175*56mm
SKU: KOS32111 | Price: $10.00
Tool Box 245x175x38mm
SKU: KOS32116-2 | Price: $8.00
Tool Set (w/Tool Bag)
SKU: KOS13215 | Price: $110.00
Travel Sports Trolley Bag / RC Car Bag
SKU: KOS32201 | Price: $220.00