Team Losi 8ight 4.0 Bearing Kit

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This is a full bearing kit by Avid RC for TLR 8ight 4.0. When we say a full bearing kit, we truly mean it. Lots of companies don't include the (2) 4x8x3 Flanged steering rack bearings or the (2) 5x10x4 and (2) 3/32 x 3/16 throttle linkage bearings like we do.

If you are looking for a bare bones kit that doesn't include those bearings because they don't fail as quickly as the others, you should buy our 8ight-E 4.0 kit for $24. That kit doesn't include the bearings for the clutch, throttle linkage, or steering rack. Just throw some spare clutch bearings into your order if you need those, (1) 5x10x4 and (1) 5x13x4.

Bearing kit is set to include our new Clutch bearings which are metal shielded at $2/ea and designed to handle the most extreme clutch conditions. It is recommended to always blow out the grease in your clutch bearings with an air compressor.

Bearing Kit Fits

8ight 4.0
8ight-T 4.0

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