Team Durango DEX210 Bearing Kit

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Product Information

This is a bearing kit by Avid RC for the Durango DEX210. NOTICE: the reason the 5x10 bearing is listed twice is because the first 4 should be used in the front wheels and we suggest a Revolution or a Rubber seal and the other 4 are used in the diff (if using the extra gear, if not then there are only two 5x10x4 bearings in the diff so you will have two spare) and we suggest metal for better performance since it is a sealed environment.

    Bearing Allocation
  • 4 10x15x4 Revolution Rear Hub and Diff
  • 4 5x10x4 Revolution Front Wheel
  • 4 5x10x4 Metal Diff (or 2 depending on diff setup)
  • 4 3x7x3 Steering Rack
  • 3 5x8x2.5 Diff
  • 2 5x13x4 Revolutions Rear Hub
  • 1 5x11x4 Revolution Diff
  • 1 3x8 Thrust Diff

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