7x17x5 Front Rubber

7x17x5 Front Rubber

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NOTICE: This is a double rubber sealed bearing. It is recommended for proper lubrication to remove one of the seals and place the rubber seal towards the outside (facing clutch) but it isn't mandatory to take this seal off.

The Avid 7x17x5 Engine Bearing offers amazing performance and reliability to your Traxxas engine at an unbeatable price. The bearing specs are Abec3, 8 Chrome Steel 52100 Balls, Chrome Steel 52100 Balls Cage, and Chrome Steel 52100 Rings.

If your engine is not listed below, please check with your manufacturer first to see what size you require.

Engines Used In

  • Traxxas: 2.5, 2.5R, 3.3
  • Picco: .26 MAX, .26 Max JL Red Dot
  • RB: TM323


  • Diagnosing: Typically you can tell a front bearing is going out if after a run there is a large wet spot on the bottom of your motor next to the flywheel. A little bit of wet is ok and usually just a sign of a rich low-end needle. If the bearing is bad your risks/issues will be inconsistent tune and possible chance of damaging the crank/case if it completely goes.
  • Installation: The best way to install is to use a bearing puller/installer, OFNA makes a very affordable one. If you place the new bearing in the freezer for 15 minutes it will be easier to install.
  • Positioning: This bearing has a rubber seal on each side. There is a lot of debate on leaving both seals on the bearing or taking one off and installing the bearing with the rubber seal facing the outside world. Contrary to popular belief, the seal is not designed to keep fuel from coming out of the engine. The seal is ONLY there to keep dirt from coming into the bearing. Personally, I pop out one seal with an X-acto just to increase the performance of the bearing even higher. However, there is a large following for leaving both of them on. You will be amazed how freely this bearing spins even with both seals on so the choice is up to you.

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