5x11x5 Ceramic Metal

5x11x5 Ceramic Metal

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The Avid 5x11x5 Ceramic Bearing (685ZZC) is replacing our motor line because it was overkill. The bearing is a high quality steel/chrome bearing with metal shields and silicone nitride ceramic balls (Si3N4).

A ceramic motor bearing will allow the motor to work more efficiently over a steel bearing allowing for better run times and acceleration. Another benefit to ceramics is the weight difference in the balls allowing for less rotating mass.

If your motor is not listed below, please check with your manufacturer first to see what size you require.

Motors Used In

  • Tekin: T8 (All) (Takes one 5x11x5 and one 5x16x5)
  • Feigao: 540 (All) (Takes two 5x11x5)


  • Installation Tekin: The bearing in the Tekin T8 that resides on the endbell side (where the wires are) requires a little push to get out. Once you take the endbell off and pull the sensor section off, all you have to do is use a small nut driver to push the bearing out of its plastic holder. Imagine the motor when it is built, the red metal cap at the end is what is holding the bearing in place.
  • Lubrication: For proper lubrication, you should reoil the bearing with our bearing oil or grease every 20-30 runs to get the most life out of your Avid race bearings.
  • Break In: For the first run of these bearings, Avid suggests that you run the motor off the ground at 1/4 throttle for 5 minutes so the ceramic balls will seat instead of skidding them.

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5x11x5 Metal
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5x11x5 Ceramic Metal
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