FTW Fan Kit (Losi TEN-SCTE)

FTW Fan Kit (Losi TEN-SCTE)

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SKU: FTW00013
Price: $50.00

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Fear not the thermal assault on your SCTE's motor. FTW's cooling fan kit can lower motor temps by up to 40 degrees versus no fan. Our made-in-the-USA carbon fiber bracket bolts on in place of the center diff brace and suspends a massive 40mm cooling fan over the motor can. Expect side effects like increased power, longer run times, and enhanced longevity.

FTW's Cooling Fan Kit is a bolt-on plug-and-play kit equipped with JST connector on the fan wire lead and all necessary hardware for installation. We recommend sealing the edges of the carbon fiber bracket with cyanoacrylate (CA) glue before installation.

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