FTW Night Fox (Xray XB9 2013 Spec)

FTW Night Fox (Xray XB9 2013 Spec)

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Performance packaged in convention-smashing style defines FTW's philosophy. The iconic Night Fox design has illustrated this while winning races across the globe. Now, refinements take this tradition to new heights. Sculpted sidepods and an additional 6 degrees of rake to the windshield combine for improved airflow. The rear deck height has been lowered to expose more of the engine head and integrate a spoiler while preserving the fastback profile.

This Night Fox fits Xray's XB9 2013 Spec 1:8 scale off-road buggy. Night Fox is formed from clear .040" polycarbonate with protective outer film. It comes unpainted and includes a decal sheet and window masks.

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