FTW Reactor (Team Associated B5)

FTW Reactor (Team Associated B5)

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The Reactor bodyshell for the Team Associated B5 is a radioactive fusion of exceptional track performance and signature FTW styling. Striking the optimal balance between aggressive down force and stabilizing side force, Reactor pairs perfectly with the incredibly durable Fulcrum rear wing. Deploy your Reactor-equipped B5, and leave the opposition in meltdown status while you win, or look good trying.


  • Tailored to fit the Team Associated B5.
  • Body formed from premium grade clear .030” polycarbonate sheet with clear protective outer film.
  • Wings formed from premium grade clear .040” polycarbonate sheet.
  • Unpainted.


  • 1 Reactor body for Team Associated B5.
  • 2 Fulcrum wings.
  • 1 set of window masks.
  • 1 4”x6” FTW logo decal sheet.

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