12mm Truck Front Spring Set | 3 Pair

12mm Truck Front Spring Set | 3 Pair

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Avid 12mm Precision Front Spring Set for 10th scale trucks comes with 3 pairs of springs and fits the Team Associated 12mm big bores (with standard offset spring cups), Team Losi 22T, Kyosho RB5T, and T4/SC10 V2 shocks converted for big bore springs (AVID spring cups #AV1012 and collar adapters #AV1014 needed). Using the Team Associated tall +9mm offset spring cup requires the shorter #1201 springs. Currently we are offering just spring set but will have individual pairs available soon.

Unique Features

  • The labels are custom printed to show the average spring rate (in lb/in) for each batch of springs after they"ve passed our quality check. We ensure that the labeled rate on the packaging is as close as possible to the springs you are getting inside the bag. AVID springs are checked in-house with precision spring testing equipment.
  • AVID springs are raw, un-coated ASTM spec spring wire which ensures consistent spring rates and prevents mis-matched spring pairs. They are easily polished for a "factory"� look.
    • Traditional coated springs have a powder coating to protect the wire, but the coating differs in stiffness from the wire. Vendors normally have to compensate by adjusting the wire diameter and number of coils, but as the powder coating breaks down, you are left with a spring that isn"t the same as when you installed it.
    • Coatings can lead to inconsistent spring rates within a production batch leaving racers to guess whether or not their left and right shock springs are the same.
  • Each set of front or rear springs uses identical wire diameter, varying only the number of coils. This allows for the tightest possible grouping of spring rates, and the most consistent production conditions from batch to batch.
  • AVID springs come in a labeled snap-top tube for storage to keep each spring pair together.
  • Each pair of springs comes with pre-cut colored shrink tubing if you prefer to identify them by color. We suggest to locate the tubing on the third coil from the bottom as to not interfere with the compression of the spring into the shock body or spring cup.

Spring Care and Maintenance

  • If you keep the springs in the factory condition, the wire has some built-in corrosion resistance as a result of the material and manufacturing process. We recommend running them as-is.
  • AVID springs are uncoated, and can be easily polished with polishing compound and a buffing wheel (or dremel buffing wheel). Be aware that you are removing the protective shell, and exposing the material to moisture. Once you polish your springs they will require more maintenance.
  • Don"t over-do it, polishing your springs weekly, because each time you polish the wire you are removing a small amount of material.
  • If you are racing in a wet environment, promptly remove springs after race day and wipe down with WD-40 to remove moisture. Don"t store your car wet.
  • As the standard small print, AVID is not responsible for rust on springs. If you care for them properly, the springs should last through the racing season. As a rule of thumb, AVID does recommend replacing springs every year to ensure peak performance. Throughout a spring"s life, the performance can degrade after a significant number of compression/extension cycles. This is reduced in an AVID spring which has no coating, but it is still un-avoidable.


Spring Rates (Batch1) and Specifications

  • White: Rate: 3.16lb | Wire: 1.22mm | Coil: 9.50 | Length: 53mm | ID: 16.25mm
  • Yellow: Rate: 3.48lb | Wire: 1.22mm | Coil: 9.00 | Length: 53mm | ID: 16.25mm
  • Red: Rate: 3.66lb | Wire: 1.22mm | Coil: 8.50 | Length: 53mm | ID: 16.25mm

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