Mugen | AE | Durango Indo Phenolic Brakes (Pair)

Mugen | AE | Durango <br>Indo Phenolic Brakes (Pair)

Product Information

Price: $13.00

Product Overview

The Avid Indos are brake discs made from a high tech phenolic material that was designed to withstand the heat that 8th scale buggies place on them. The Indos are sold in pairs so you only need to buy 1 set for your Mugen MBX5/6, Team Associated RC8/RC8B/RC8T/SC8, Durango DNX408, or your Thunder Tiger TTR S3. They provide amazing gripping power along with resistance to fuel splashes and fading.

Installation: In order to use these discs you must remove the padded material off of your metal pads (your removing the pad that you usually have to glue onto the metal pads). So when you build your brake setup it should be the metal pad touching the Avid Indo Phenolic brake disc and nothing else. We suggest that you build the brakes with a 0.5 - 1.0mm of play so when the car is at neutral your brakes are not engaged.

Maintainence: We suggest that every two months or so, you take off the pads and rub them in a circular motion on fine grit sand paper while placed on a flat surface. This will allow the brakes to work at their best performance.

Tips: If you are looking for more braking power you can always double or even triple up the use of these Indos. But there needs to be a metal pad inbetween each Indo disc. So if you use two Indo discs on the front, you will need to have 3 metal pads.