B5 / B5M Battery Thumbwheels

B5 / B5M Battery Thumbwheels

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Product Overview

The B5 / B5M Battery Thumbwheels are a direct replacement for the stock blue thumbwheels. We decided to make this part because we felt the stock pieces could use some spicing up. Even though two of our thumbwheels equal the weight of a single stock thumbwheel, we don’t feel this is enough to qualify as a performance upgrade. Included are two orings so you won’t have to try and pry the others out of your stock pieces.


  • Aluminum anodized black with silver edge highlights and laser etched.
  • Half the weight of the stock thumbwheels.
  • Each package includes 2 Avid thumbwheels, 2 orings, and 1 Avid mini decal sheet.