Schumacher Mi5evo Aluminum Chassis

Schumacher Mi5evo Aluminum Chassis

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The Schumacher Mi5evo Aluminum Chassis is loaded with several unique features which are listed below. We recommend using this chassis to increase performance on high to medium bite conditions.


  • 7075-T6 (2mm) Aluminum anodized black, Avid logo laser etched, and silver edge highlights on both sides.
  • Cutouts added and existing diff cutouts enlarged to reduce weight and increase flex while being thoughtful to keep enough material on the sides for your speedo to hold with servo tape.
  • Avid battery mount system included which removes the need to have tape on the bottom of your chassis. Or the optional carbon battery mount system by Schumacher may be utilized with a slight modification. Please contact us for instructions.
  • Droop inserts included so you won't have to try prying them from your carbon chassis. As per Schumacher's instructions, inserts must be sanded down when used on the thinner 2.0mm aluminum chassis so they don't extend past the chassis.
  • 2mm thickness allows for lower CG and ability to lower roll centers more than stock.
  • Chassis shape is smoothed to keep droop screw platforms from digging into the track during hard cornering.
  • Chassis narrowed to 84mm allowing the chassis to roll deeper through a corner.
  • Recommend for use on high to medium bite conditions.
  • Includes: 1 aluminum chassis, 4 plastic droop screw mounts, 4 M3x6 screws, 2 Avid battery mounts, and 1 Avid mini-decal.



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