Xray T4 '15 Carbon Chassis | Cutout

Xray T4 '15 Carbon Chassis | Cutout

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Product Overview

The Xray T4 '15 2mm Hard cutout chassis is made from 100% premium carbon fiber which utilizes a varying angle layup to provide an uncanny resistance to flexing / twisting. It is noticeably stiffer than a 2.25mm chassis that comes with touring car kits today. We recommend using this chassis to increase performance on low to medium bite track conditions.


  • 100% Premium carbon fiber with a varying angle layup to increase stiffness.
  • Cutouts added and existing diff cutouts enlarged to reduce weight and increase flex while being thoughtful to keep enough material on the sides for your speedo to hold with servo tape.
  • Motor pocket width is decreased and is double pocketed to keep as much strength possible.
  • Motor mount flex control hole as been modified with a large bevel on top of chassis to prevent the screw head from hitting chassis.
  • Pinion adjustment hole moved to better access the set screw.
  • 2mm thickness allows for lower CG and ability to lower roll centers more than stock.
  • Chassis shape is smoothed to keep droop screw platforms from digging into the track during hard cornering.
  • Chassis narrowed to 84mm allowing the chassis to roll deeper through a corner.
  • Recommend for use on medium to low bite conditions.


  • The chassis was developed in conjunction with our 1.5mm Soft TD for high bite conditions and our 1.5mm Soft TD (Coming soon) for green layouts or dusty conditions.


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