RC8B3.1 Carbon Shock Tower | Front

RC8B3.1 Carbon Shock Tower | Front

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RC8B3.1 5mm Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower is made from 100% carbon fiber, shock standoff pocket removed to maintain strength, set (w/ Avid -1mm aluminum standoffs) removes 40% of the weight from up high, and holes are in the same location as kit towers.


  • It is recommended to run our RC8B3.1 Aluminum Shock Standoffs | -1mm so the shock angle is maintained due to the pocket being removed from this tower for the standoff. We found with the pocket, the CF easily splits, so we removed it. If you purchase our Carbon Shock Towers, the Standoffs are included free of charge.


  • 100% Carbon Fiber, 5mm thick.
  • Shock standoff pocket removed to prevent carbon from splitting. (Use our -1mm Standoffs to maintain shock angle)
  • Holes are in the same location as kit towers.
  • Shock tower set removes 33% of the weight from up high (Stock aluminum towers weight 52.6g, Carbon 35.0g)
  • Fits: RC8B3.1 and RC8B3.

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