Xray T4 '16 Adjustable Carbon Fiber Top Deck | 2.0mm Hard | Set

Xray T4 '16 Adjustable Carbon Fiber Top Deck | 2.0mm Hard | Set

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The Xray T4 '16, '15, & '14 Adjustable Hard Top Deck is the first of its kind by allowing you to the adjust the twisting stiffness in the front. Simulate a 0.5mm Soft TD all the way to a 2.2mm Hard by simply sliding the clamp back and forth in the front. The rear section of the TD also allows a clamp adjustment which is only capable of stiffen the rear for advanced setup gurus. We have found that this top deck has a performance range for all conditions!


  • Adjust front twisting stiffness by sliding clamp back and forth (simulating range is 0.5 Soft - 2.2 Hard).
  • 5 small position holes have been added on each rail (view additional image below to understand suggested positions in Tips).
  • 100% Premium carbon fiber with a varying angle layup to increase stiffness.
  • Cut with layup angles balanced left and right to insure equal twisting resistance side to side.
  • Recommend for use on all conditions.
  • Includes Top Deck, Clamp, and mini decal.

Simulation Settings

  • Simulate Avid Traditional 1.5mm Hard | No Rear Post: Clamp at the 2 - 2.25 dot postion
  • Simulate Avid Traditional 2.0mm Hard | No Rear Post: Clamp at the 1 dot position
  • Simulate Avid Traditional 2.2mm Hard | No Rear Post: Clamp at full forward postion
  • Simulate Xray Traditional 1.6mm | No Rear Post: Clamp at the 2.5 dot position
  • Simulate Xray Traditional 2.0mm | No Rear Post: Clamp at the 1.5 dot position
  • Simulate adding the rear post in by moving clamp forward 0.25


  • If running a floating steering rack system, it is recommended to raise the topdeck with 0.5mm ball stud washers to give better clearance for the clamp. It is also Hagberg's standard setup to raise the topdeck and leave the screws out of the layshaft mounts to allow for my rear twist. It is helpful to use a light amount of grease on each washer to help keep them in place.
  • We have found a few motors to slightly hit the topdeck when running a 96 tooth spur and will require just a small amount of sanding. This will fixed on the next batch.
  • On the T4 '16, adjust your pinion through the spur gear slot. The '16 has adjusted their design so that you access the pinion set screw from new cutouts added to their top deck. However the top deck is already notoriously weak in this area and feel the design should not be adjusted when access is just as easy through an existing hole.
  • Typically when the team arrives at an asphalt track or a green carpet layout, we start with our aluminum 2mm chassis and a clamp at the 2.5 dot position. For the asphalt events, it is common that you will never change this configuration but on a green carpet track it will be very beneficial to slowly increase your stiffness range by sliding the clamp forward as traction comes up. After the first day on a green carpet track, your car will start to feel somewhat decent and this is a good time to think about sliding the clamp to the 2 dot position. As the race continues, the traction keeps coming up, and your car feels better every time you hit the track. This makes it very difficult to judge when you should move to the 1 dot position. The best way we have found is to watch your lap times closely and if your calm laps are the same as your blazing fast hero laps, then it is time to change. This happens because your car is creating too much mechanical grip due to the twisting and causing your car to feel awesome but scrubbing a ton of corner speed.

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