B6 Carbon Shock Tower | 4.5mm | Long Rear

B6 Carbon Shock Tower | 4.5mm | Long Rear

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B6 Carbon "Long" Rear Shock Tower is made from 100% carbon fiber and designed for strength.  To make this tower nearly indestructible, we thickened it to 4.5mm and added material, pocketing, and bracing to the weak areas.  While providing strength, we also added a relief cut where it mounts to the gear box so that your shock angle does not change from the added material.


  • Install where the relief cut at the bottom is against the gear box so that you can't see it once installed.


  • 100% Carbon Fiber, 4.5mm thick.
  • Requires the 31mm long shock bodies from the B5 line to offer more volume and control in most conditions.
  • Added strength by adding material, pocketing, and bracing in the weak areas.
  • Relief cut added to maintain stock shock angles.
  • Holes are in the same location as the kit tower.
  • Fits: B6 and B6D

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