MBX8 Carbon Arm Inserts | 1.2mm | Front

MBX8 Carbon Arm Inserts | 1.2mm | Front

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Product Overview

Mugen MBX8 1.2mm Carbon Arm Inserts for the front offer your buggy another great tuning feature by reducing the flex and twist in the arm. We offer these in three different thicknesses, 0.8, 1.0, and 1.2mm.

Details / Tips

  • 100% Carbon Fiber, 1.2mm thick.
  • Use as a tuning aid. Will greatly reduce arm flex and twist, making the car more responsive on that end. A common setting is to run them just in the front or just the rear to dial in the feel of your car. But we don't recommend running them on just the left or right side because no one will believe you when you tell them that all the right turns are high speed and the 2 left turns on the track have bumps in them.
  • Includes (2) 1.2mm front carbon fiber inserts (left and right sides) and an Avid Mini Decal.
  • Fits: MBX8

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