Triad Direct Drive | 69/72 | B6.2

Triad Direct Drive | 69/72 | B6.2

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The Triad Direct Drive allows stock racers to remove the entire clutch assembly for conditions where the driver feels having less rotating mass and zero slip except from the differential is beneficial. This system is the lightest direct drive unit available today coming in at 8.6g (72t), just beating out the AE Direct Drive at 8.8g (72t). But with ours you get to run the full-width topshaft gear (no more stripped idler gears), you don't have to change out the topshaft, and no screws you have to worry about falling out. We accomplished this by replacing the 6.4g of steel weight from the long screw and spring with a minimalist design done in aluminum. There is also an included M3 aluminum flanged locknut to remove even more weight if you are using the stock steel nut.

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  • Not for everyone, some stock drivers have found benefits using the system due to the removal of rotating mass.
  • Lightest Direct Drive system on the market weighing in at 8.6g with 72 tooth spur and kit aluminum topshaft
  • No worrying about losing screws. Gets rid of the steel screw and spring.
  • Can be used with the kit laydown topshaft or the AE narrowed one. Due to racers stripping their gears with the narrow gear, we recommend the kit topshaft.
  • All aluminum parts, even the custom M3x48 screw that goes through the topshaft for that clean install but allowing you switch back to a slipper whenever.
  • Works with our wide range of Triad spur gears.
  • Includes: 69 and 72 Triad Spur, Direct Drive aluminum plate, M3x48 aluminum screw, aluminum hat bushing, aluminum cone washer, and M3 aluminum nut.
  • Fits: Team Associated B6.2, B6.2D, B6.1, B6.1D, T6.1, and SC6.1.

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