Triad Evo Drive Plates | 4mm

Triad Evo Drive Plates | 4mm

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The Triad Evo Slipper Clutch utilizes a new plate design that is self-centering and vented for less weight and cooling. The difference of these plates vs. our other Evo plates is that they fit on the larger topshafts that have 4mm flats (rounded part is 4.75mm). Currently, we know they fit on the Team Associated B6.1 line and the Yokomo YZ-2. Most likely these will fit other vehicles, so feel free to check and let us know.


  • Self centering plate design, no more black centering washers needed.
  • Vented to remove rotating mass and better cooling.
  • Made out of 7075-T6 aluminum and then hard anodized to ensure a long life.
  • Included in Triad Evo Slipper for the B6.1 (2) and YZ-2 (3).

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