Xray T4 '19 ULP Shock Tower | 2.0mm Hard | Front

Xray T4 '19 ULP Shock Tower | 2.0mm Hard | Front

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The Xray T4 '19 2mm Hard Front Shock Tower is made from 100% premium carbon fiber which utilizes a varying angle layup to provide an uncanny resistance to flexing/twisting. During our development, we have found that these towers help calm the car down in high bite conditions.

Not as stiff as most thick kit shock towers but they are very resilient in supporting your rear body mounts. The set allows you to remove 4 grams of weight from up high which is at least worth 1 second per lap (jk on the time improvement).


  • 100% Premium carbon fiber with a varying angle layup to increase stiffness.
  • Improves the control of your T4 in high bite conditions.
  • Cut with layup angles balanced left and right to ensure equal twisting resistance side to side.
  • Recommend for racers that feel removing 4 grams up high will prevent traction rolling or like the thin aesthetics as we do.


  • Add a 1mm spacer behind your shock mount so that your shock stays perpendicular to your arm.

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