B6.2 Carbon Wing Mount Braces | DIY

B6.2 Carbon Wing Mount Braces | DIY

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SKU: AV10010
Price: $10.00

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This DIY (Do It Yourself) product is a fun mod to create a carbon sandwich on your kit B6.2 wing mounts to keep them from permanently bending after a hard crash. The setup includes everything you need except for the drill.


  • It is recommended to mark the first hole with a sharpie, once that one hole is drilled, use a single carbon piece as a template to drill through by holding it in place with a screw.


  • 100% Carbon Fiber, 2mm thick.
  • Saves your B6.2 wing mounts from bending so easily after a hard crash.
  • A fun DIY product, only adds 4g (decrease even more with aluminum hardware), and a fraction the cost of aluminum mounts.
  • Each package includes 4 carbon panels, 4 screws, 4 nuts, and 1 drill bit.

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