Awesomatix Unsprung Weights | Brass

Awesomatix Unsprung Weights | Brass

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The Avid Awesomatix Unsprung Weights attach to the end of the front arms to give more on-power responsiveness causing the car to feel more direct when coming out of the corners, almost feels like it slingshots out. 


  • Used by Kyle Klingforth to take 2nd at the 2019 ROAR Carpet Nationals in Mod.
  • Increase on-power responsiveness.
  • More direct feeling in mid to exit of the corner.
  • Feels like the car slingshots out of the exit on power.
  • Attach to the end of the front arms.
  • Radiused bottom to keep from digging into the wheel on big hits.
  • Made from brass.
  • Includes: (2) brass weights.
  • Fits: A800, all versions, and arm lengths.

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