Awesomatix A800 Titanium Chassis | Black

Awesomatix A800 Titanium Chassis | Black

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NOTICE: This is a very limited product and it has been utter hell getting this item to production. The finish on these are not the greatest. The black scratches and the Oil Slick is awkward to say the least on the top. This chassis is about pure performance. The cost to manufacturer this product is so high that we are eating the profits even at $200/ea. This chassis should be $325/ea but we are aware that no one would puchase at that price. We just wanted a handful of passionate racers to see what all the talk is about.

The Awesomatix A800 Titanium Chassis has been designed for high bite conditions. We have widened the standard arm pivots in the rear 0.5mm on each side (Arms further from the bulkheads) which stabilizes the car allowing you to drive it harder with more confidence. We have also narrowed the long arm suspensions pivots in the rear 0.5mm on each side (Arms closer to the bulkheads) to match the rear. We recommend using this chassis to increase performance on high to medium bite conditions.

As most of you know, this chassis has been in development for almost a year now with Kyle Klingforth being the proving ground. Even during the rise of the MMCX conversion we found that with this Titanium chassis you will be super comfortable and faster with your rear motor car. This is why Klingforth felt like sticking with the rear motor at the ROAR Carpet Nationals where he finished 2nd in mod and had the Xray team flying in custom titanium chassis's to the race.


  • Titanium 6Al-4V (2mm) (Approx. 135g).
  • Standard arm suspension pivots in the rear have been widened 0.5mm on each side.
  • Long arm suspension pivots in the front have been narrowed 0.5mm on each side.
  • 2mm thickness allows for lower CG and ability to lower roll centers more than stock.
  • Chassis shape is smoothed to keep droop screw platforms from digging into the track during hard cornering.
  • Recommend for use on high to medium bite conditions.


  • It is advised to run our carbon bumper brace kit to save the chassis on hard front crashes.
  • Remember, you will most likely need to readjust your camber and f/r toe due to the pivot changes.

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