Xray T4 '20 ULP Lower Shock Tower | 2.5mm Hard | Set

Xray T4 '20 ULP Lower Shock Tower | 2.5mm Hard | Set

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The Xray T4 '20 ULP Lower Shock Towers are made from 2.5mm thick 100% premium hard carbon fiber. They allow you to run the kit shocks in the lower arm position for those high bite tracks where getting tippy is a problem.


  • 100% Premium hard carbon fiber.
  • 2.5mm hard carbon to maintain stiffness but lose some weight since the point is to lower the CG with the shocks.
  • Best used in high bite conditions where being tippy is a problem.
  • Includes: Front and rear lower shock towers.


  • Shim your shock forward with a 0.5mm shim because these 2.5mm thick and kit is 3.0mm. 

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