Associated Aluminum Topshaft | B4 | Limited Edition

Associated Aluminum Topshaft | B4 | Limited Edition

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LIMITED EDITION: Avid is now offering a limited edition B4 Aluminum Topshaft for all of those enjoying the infamous Team Associated RC10 B4 line up. Get yours now while supplies last!

Associated owners can get the benefits of lower rotating weight for their B4.2, T4.2, C4.2, and SC10.2 gearbox. The Associated Standard Aluminum Topshaft is a drop-in replacement that will give you more punch, faster acceleration, and faster laps. Stock racers will love the 6.7g savings in rotating mass!


  • 7075 Aluminum Hard-Anodized Topshaft (weight 4.0g vs. 10.7g = 6.7 g rotating weight savings).
  • Fits all B4.2, T4.2, C4.2, SC10.2, SC10B and previous models.

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