B6.3 Arm Mount C | Wider -1° | Limited Edition

B6.3 Arm Mount C | Wider -1° | Limited Edition

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LIMITED EDITION | OOPSIE DAISY: Unfortunately this -2° is actually a -1°. While designing the TLR version of this block I soon realized that I was removing the toe incorrectly on this AE version. When racers say 3 degrees of rear toe, I made the mistake of thinking that was the total amount of rear toe for both wheels. It actually means 6 degrees total, 3 degrees on each side. So there I was removing only 2 degrees, 1 from each side, oopsie daisy!

The good news is, the prototypes we made were identical to these production parts so testing of the product was correct. The block outperforms the stock part on carpet/turf so it is still an essential part to have. So we offering this product at a discount and soon we will make this version with the intended -2°.

The Avid B6.3 -1° C Arm Mount is a must-have if you are racing on high bite surfaces such as carpet or turf. This mount frees up the vehicle in the turns and when landing jumps sideways such as corner tabletops. To get to the low rear toe settings you need on carpet, you have to start narrowing the pills through the D Mount which is increasing side bite by decreasing your trackwidth. Our C Arm mount prevents that from happening by widening the C Arm Mount 1.4mm, thus starting you at 2 deg of rear toe with centered pills on the C and D mount instead of 3. You will be amazed at how well your car handles with less rear toe done in the correct fashion. The team's personal favorite setting is the 1 pills all the way out on both mounts.


  • Removes 1 degree of rear toe without removing trackwidth.
  • Frees up the car up in turns and when landing jumps sideways such as corner tabletops.
  • Made with 7075-T6 and anodized Associated blue.
  • Laser-etched logo is hidden under your motor plate so your competition won't know what hit them.

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