Ringer Shock Standoffs | B6.4 | Set

Ringer Shock Standoffs | B6.4 | Set

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The Avid AE B6.4 Ringer Shock Standoffs are a direct replacement for the kit standoffs, including (2) 10mm standoffs, (2) 13mm standoffs, and (4) Delrin™ pivot bushings. They are made of black anodized 7075 Aluminum with a 7mm nut and our Ringer design silver highlights at the base to blind your competition with. Each standoff is fully threaded to help prevent bent shock mount screws. The Delrin™ pivot bushings are designed to rest against the smooth standoff instead of the screw which extends the life of them however they can be replaced to help maintain a tight fit in your shock cap when needed. 


  • Avid AE B6.4 Ringer Shock Standoffs are a direct upgrade for the ASC91815 and ASC92159 parts.
  • 7075 Aluminum, black anodized with shiny silver highlights on 7mm nut.
    • Fully threaded part which helps to prevent mount screws from bending so easily.
    • Delrin™ bushings slip over the standoff instead of resting on threads which helps lengthen their longevity.
  • Each package includes (2) 10mm standoffs, (2) 13mm standoffs, and (4) Delrin™ pivot bushings.
  • Fits: AE B6.4

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