HB D8T/E8T Evo3 Carbon Arm Inserts | 1.5mm | Front

HB D8T/E8T Evo3 Carbon Arm Inserts | 1.5mm | Front

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HB D8T/E8T Evo3 1.5mm Carbon Arm Inserts for the front offer your truck another great tuning feature by reducing the flex and twist in the arm.


  • These fit very tight but will go in by pressing them with your fingers. To get them out try bending the arm some to pop it out. 


  • 100% Carbon Fiber, 1.5mm thick.
  • Use as a tuning aid. Will greatly reduce arm flex and twist, making the car more responsive on that end. A common setting is to run them just in the front or just the rear to dial in the feel of your truck.
  • Includes (2) 1.5mm front carbon fiber inserts (left and right are interchangeable) and (16) stainless steel installation screws.
  • Fits: HB D8T/E8T Evo3

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