B6.4 / T6.4 / SC6.4 | Front Shock Alignment Shim | +2.5°

B6.4 / T6.4 / SC6.4 | Front Shock Alignment Shim | +2.5°

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The Avid B6.4 / T6.4 / SC6.4 Front Shock Tower Alignment Shim is an essential component for avid racers who utilize the +2.5° bulkhead kickup block in their vehicles. The current configuration of the B6.4 shock is angled in relation to the arm and upper shock mount. To maintain a reliable front-end experience, it is important that the shocks remain perpendicular to both the front arm and upper shock mount. Our alignment shim addresses this concern and ensures that the consistent front-end feel that has become a hallmark of the B6 series of vehicles is restored.


  • Restores that reliable front-end experience by placing the shocks perpendicular to the arms and shock mounts when using the +2.5° bulkhead kickup block.
  • 100% Carbon Fiber.
  • Goes behind the tower.
  • Fits: Team Associated B6.4 / T6.4 / SC6.4