SC10 Clamping 12mm Hex | Conversion

SC10 Clamping 12mm Hex | Conversion

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Price: $45.00

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Upgrade your SC10 FT or SC10 RTR to use 12mm hex wheels with the pre-assembled AVID SC10 12mm Hex Conversion Kit. Using genuine Team Associated steering blocks and front axles, AVID pre-assembled the steering blocks with our 12mm front clamping hex adapters, Revolution bearings, and solid axle pins. No more hunting around for all the individual parts. AVID has done the work for you with an all inclusive conversion kit.

The conversion kit also includes solid axle pins, 12mm clamping hexes for the rear axles, and kit is capped off with a set of 4 black anodized aluminum wheel nuts.


  • SC10 Factory Team
  • SC10 RTR

Why get a conversion: The 12mm hex conversion allows you to use the same 12mm hex wheel on both front and rear of your truck. This means that you can test endless tire combinations and also re-use your older rear tires on the front. The other benefit is that you only have to purchase 1 type of wheel and there are many versions to choose from. Of course, we hope you"ll try our 12mm Sabertooth SC10 +3mm wide-track wheels which are offered in black, white, and yellow.

AV1001-CONV Conversion kit includes over $40.00 in parts all in one bag

Installation Tips

  • Note: The hex steering blocks do not use the 2 axle height spacers, so set them aside after removing the existing axles.
  • Remove front kingpin capture screw on caster, push out the kingpin, and remove the existing steering block and axle, popping off the outer ball cup.
  • Press the black 4-40 mini nut into the bottom of the hex steering block. Remove the steering ball stud and 2 bumpsteer washers from the existing parts and re-install them into the new hex steering blocks.
  • Install the hex assembly without the 2 axle height spacers, pop on the steering ball cup, and install the 2-56 pin capture screw.
  • For the rear hex adapters, remove the axle drive pin, wheel spacer, and outer axle shims.
  • Install the AVID solid axle pin and hex adapter (make sure the clamp screw is loose). The hex adapter should push up against the outer hub bearing. Gently tighten the clamp screw. Remember that the clamp screw only needs to be tight enough to prevent the hex adapter from sliding off the axle.
  • Install hex wheels and tires.
  • When tightening the front axle nuts, do not over torque the wheel nuts once the nuts bottom against the wheel.


  • Pre-Assembled Steering blocks and front axles with AVID bearings and clamping hexes.
  • AV1001-SET SC10 12mm Clamping Hex Adapters (set of 4)
  • AVID 3/16"� x 3/8"� Revolution series bearings (4)
  • AVID 1/16"� Solid Axle Pins (4)
  • 8-32 black aluminum locking wheel nuts (4)
  • 4-40 black aluminum mini locking nuts (2)

The conversion kit is assembled using Team Associated part #9880 steering block and #9881 SC10 RS front axle. Some additional assembly is required, instructions not included.

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