Avert Design Aluminum Spring Cups | B6.2

Avert Design Aluminum Spring Cups | B6.2

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Our popular Avert Aluminum Spring cups for the B6.2 offer you a true rigid surface with the added security that it won’t come off in those demanding conditions. This is accomplished by a unique angled slot design that adds another element of interference to keep the spring cup from popping off. If that wasn't enough, the fit is nice and snug on the shock eyelet to help prevent shock shafts from pulling out of the plastic shock end. The Avert spring cups add that extra security to your ride without sacrificing weight or putting a huge dent in your racing budget.


  • Fits B6.2, B6.2D, B74, B6, B6D, B5, B5M, B44.3. *Height equivalent to +5 Associated spring cup
  • Unique angled slot design: Avert Aluminum Spring Cups add 2 elements of safety.
  • A rigid aluminum spring cup won"t flex and spread open, slipping off of the shock end in a crash.
  • The angled slot design adds another element of interference to keep the spring cups from popping off in a crash. The spring cup must lift completely off of the eyelet for removal.
  • Tall inner perch to prevent spring from getting knocked off the spring cup in a crash.
  • Smooth surface is easy to clean. No nooks and crannys for dirt to get trapped in!
  • 1.3g each. Minimum Weight, Maximum Durability.
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy, black anodized with laser etched logo.
  • Each package includes 4 spring cups and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.

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