Battery Foam Set | B4.2 / T4.2

Battery Foam Set | B4.2 / T4.2

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The AVID Shorty Battery Foam Set is the perfect compliment for racers running the lightweight "shorty" battery packs in their B4.2 and T4.2. The set includes 2 large, screen printed foam blocks with perforated cut lines which allow for a mid and offset battery location in either a B4.2 or T4.2.


  • Screen printed with AVID "warning" artwork and marked to indicate block length (MID, 26mm, 33mm)
  • High density foam keeps your cells in place
  • Each package includes 1 x MID block , 1 x 26mm/33mm block and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.


  • Straight scissors recommended for separating blocks. Line up the blade with the perforated slit top and bottom before cutting.
  • For Truck, both 9mm blocks are used (1 front and 1 rear), so trim the 9mm block from the foam block you are not using.
  • For Buggy, remove the 9mm block from the foam set.

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