B44.1 +8 Upgrade Pack

B44.1 +8 Upgrade Pack

Product Information

SKU: AV1044-441-8-SET
Price: $45.00

Product Overview

Looking to upgrade your B44.1 to the Avid B44.2 Hard-Anondized Aluminum Chassis? Our B44.2 chassis has a second set of center bulkhead holes to allow for a B44.1 +8 conversion! The parts in this upgrade pack include: AVID B44.1 +8 rear top deck, rear center drive shaft, B44.2 battery trays and straps. For this upgrade to work, you will also need to purchase our B44.2 chassis. Racers will be on their own to upgrade their body shell or to modify their existing 44.1 shell.

AV-1044-441-8-SET B44.1 +8 Upgrade Pack Features

  • Works with existing B44.1 kits to fit the AVID B44.2 Aluminum Chassis Set (purchased separately).
  • Includes: (2) B44.2 battery trays, (2) B44.2 battery straps, (1) Rear center CVA bone, and (1) AVID B44.1 +8 Rear Top Deck

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