TLR Aluminum Topshaft | Kit & Triad Slipper

TLR Aluminum Topshaft | Kit & Triad Slipper

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Whether you run a TLR slipper or the AVID Triad, racers everywhere will be upgrading their TLR 22, 22T, and 22 SCT to eliminate the special "mini" kit slipper nut and use a standard 5.5 mm hex driver to set the slipper clutch. The AV1020-TOP-TLR22 was born partly for necessity, partly for convenience, and we think racers will appreciate this upgrade as they can go back to using a standard slipper nut. Many Triad customers had issues with TLR topshafts which fluctuated in length and did not allow for proper spring tension on the slipper clutch....a problem no more!


  • 7075 Aluminum, Hard Anodized
  • Works with TLR kit slipper clutch and AVID Triad Slipper Clutch
  • Both slipper clutches use a standard 5.5mm hex nut (included) and standard wrench for slipper adjustment!
  • Topshaft bag includes: 5.5mm nylon locking nut , Topshaft crush tube and TLR kit spring adapter.

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