TLR 22 Slotted Battery Bulkhead

TLR 22 Slotted Battery Bulkhead

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The AV1022 TLR 22 Slotted Battery Bulkhead is a must-have for the serious Losi racer. The slotted design allows you to run never before available battery locations which can help the car in all conditions. For racers running the shorty pack, you can move the battery forward an additional +15mm versus a fixed position of +10mm with the TLR brand aluminum tray. This super-forward position makes the rear end more predictable as grip increases.


  • Laser Etched Black Aluminum with silver chamfer.
  • New battery positions forward for high grip and rearward for low grip tracks, all marked with laser etch to duplicate setups.
  • Slotted design allows for tiny adjustments without the hassle of foam blocks in front of the pack which can compress or fall out.
  • Fits any TLR 22, 22T, or 22 SCT.
  • Weight 7g, not including mount hardware.
  • Includes slotted battery bulkhead, 2 screws, 2 nuts , and AVID decal.


  • Notch #1 is the standard tray position equal to the kit included plastic battery bulkhead.
  • For running the shorty pack, we recommend starting with #5 and then you can test going fully FWD or back to #4 which is like the Losi option bulkhead.

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