Associated Carbon ESC Shelf Set | Steel

Associated Carbon ESC Shelf Set | Steel

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The AVID Carbon Fiber ESC Shelf with Steel Standoffs fits the Team Associated B4.2, T4.2, SC10.2, and SC10B. We take the conventional ideas one step further with our innovative slotted design. The AVID design team created a versatile system that works with both stick and shorty battery pack types, as well as allowing for all popular battery brands/models. The sliding design with standoffs is simple and easy to use, with no stacks of washers to deal with when working on your car.

In addition to shifting the ESC weight onto the centerline of the car, the AVID slotted design lets racers run the ESC as far forward as possible, preventing too much rear weight bias which makes for poor handling. The AVID design also lets stick pack racers run the bullet plugs in the rear for short wires and to keep the weight of the cells forward. Our testing shows that these small changes make a big difference in handling and consistency lap to lap.


  • Moves ESC weight on center and closer to the car CG to help the car rotate through the turns while maintaining stability.
  • Sliding tray allows for moving the speedo for different battery type and different track conditions (forward = high grip, back = low grip).
  • Clearance for longer full-size battery packs with bullet plugs in rear. Racers wanting a lower height should buy the shelf only (AV1021-SHELF) and use existing screws.
  • Set has steel machined 4mm tall standoffs with ¼"� hex which replaces the 5-40 screw.
  • Set includes 1 ESC shelf, 2 Steel Standoffs, 2 x 4-40 nuts and washers, 1 AVID mini decal sheet. Fits: B4.2, T4.2, SC10.2, SC10B

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