Associated Long Aluminum Topshaft

Associated Long Aluminum Topshaft

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Equip your B4.2, T4.2, SC10.2, or SC10B with our Associated Long Aluminum Topshaft which is Hard Anodized to provide a resilient surface while offering 6.7g of weight savings over the kit topshaft. Stock racers will be sure to notice the increase in acceleration with this decrease in rotating mass. This shaft is 5mm longer than the kit topshaft and is intended only for the Associated Motor Centering Kit.


  • 7075 Aluminum Hard-Anodized Long Topshaft (weight 4.0g, 6.7 g rotating weight savings).
  • Fits all B4.2, T4.2, SC10.2, SC10B and previous models using the Associated Motor Centering Kit.

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