Kyosho, Yokomo, Xray Diff Thrust Bearing | Tungsten Carbide

Kyosho, Yokomo, Xray Diff Thrust Bearing | Tungsten Carbide

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This 2.6x6x3 Tungsten Carbide ball grooved thrust bearing can be used in the popular Kyosho, Yokomo, Xray, Tamiya, and Team C vehicles. As we confirm other models that fit this size (diff screw less than 2.6mm) we will post them here.


  • Makes working on your diff so much easier.
  • No more worries about losing a ball.
  • When applying grease to it you won't get your fingers covered in grease from having to press the balls into place.


  • The steel ball, least expensive and easy to adjust the diff. However, you will have to replace them more often and the diff will never be as smooth as a Tungsten Carbide or Ceramic ball version.
  • Tungsten Carbide ball, this is what we recommend for most racers, the balls are truer than steel balls and slightly harder but still have a few imperfections which allow the ball to grab the surface of the grooved rings easily. This makes it easy to set the diff tightness.
  • Ceramic ball, these balls are completely smooth and very hard. This makes for the best feeling diff out of all our options but it also makes for the most narrow window for setting your diff tightness correctly. Should only be used by the most experienced of racers.

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2.6x6x3 Ceramic Thrust Bearing
SKU: F2.6-6G/C | Price: $10.00
2.6x6x3 Tungsten Carbide Thrust Bearing
SKU: F2.6-6G/TC | Price: $10.00
2.6x6x3 Thrust Bearing
SKU: F2.6-6G | Price: $3.00

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