Associated 12mm Shock and Turnbuckle Tool

Associated 12mm Shock and Turnbuckle Tool

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The Avid Associated 12mm shock and turnbuckle wrench is a great companion to have in your tool box. The tool offers the ability to adjust Associated, Jconcepts, and Lunsford turnbuckles all in one. It can also be used to hold the shock bottom of a the new Associated 12mm shock, so no need to carry that stamped AE shock tool anymore! But we didn't stop there.

Have you ever had difficulty getting your servo mounted in your B44 because you were trying to make sure that there was no tweak in your mounts when locking it down (servo mount holes perfectly line up when attaching to the chassis)? If so, then problem solved because we added two holes to the tool that mimic the B44 servo mount holes so you can mount your servo up to our tool without being hindered by the gearbox. This allows you to get everything nice and centered. Once you got your Avid Servo Mounts (any servo mount will work though) squared up then detach it from the tool and mount it to your chassis.


  • Adjust your Team Associated, Jconcepts, and Lunsford turnbuckles all in one tool.
  • Shock body retainer for 12mm Associated shocks.
  • B44 servo jig for ensuring your servo doesn't get mounted incorrectly (tweaked).
  • 6061 Aluminum alloy, black anodized with silver edges and laser etched logo.
  • Each package includes 1 tool and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.
  • Fits the B5, B5M, B44.2, B4.2, C4.2, T4.2, and SC10.2.

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