Triad B5 Topshaft Spring Adapter

Triad B5 Topshaft Spring Adapter

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Product Overview

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The Avid Triad B5 Aluminum Topshaft Spring Adapter is for racers that already purchased a Triad and have upgraded to the Team Associated B5/M.

The adapter centers the Triad spring on the larger B5/M's topshaft. This adapter is now included in all our slippers and the spring, shim, and adapter kit so no need to add this to your cart if you are purchasing a Triad today.

This adapter is not required to use your previously purchased Triad on your B5/M. You may use the kit supplied spring and adapter on our slipper.

Tips / Install

  • Place this adapter on the topshaft, so it keys around the spur, then put your slipper nut on and tighten away.

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