Aura Ceramic Gearbox Bearing Kit | B5

Aura Ceramic Gearbox Bearing Kit | B5

Product Information

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Product Overview

The Aura Gearbox Bearing Kit for the Team Associated B5 is part of our new pinnacle bearing line developed for racers seeking the highest level of performance. We took what we learned from our rear ceramic engine bearings and shrank that technology down to offer the most advanced bearings for your RC vehicle.

The bearings have a high-speed nylon ball retainer*, Si3N4 ceramic balls, tight tolerances, and high-speed oil.

Considering the diversity of our loyal customers, spending more is not always the way to go. The Aura line is not designed for the warriors that race several times a week and don't have time to go through their car to provide the proper maintenance needed to keep the Aura in a good state. We recommend that you stick with our greased Halo Revolution bearing line which has established a prowess all of its own by being a 9-time IFMAR World Champion winning product.


  • Fits: Team Associated B5
  • Includes: 8 Aura Ceramic Bearings | (2) 5x10 Ceramic Metal Aura, (1) 6x12 Ceramic Single Metal Aura, (1) 6x12 Ceramic Open Aura, (2) 10x15 Ceramic Metal Aura, (2) 5x8 Ceramic Open Aura

Aura Gearbox Kit Highlights

  • Advanced bearing technology developed from our ceramic rear engine bearing line.
  • Si3N4 ceramic balls for increased achievable RPM, lightweight, and smoother than traditional steel balls.
  • High-speed nylon ball retainer for less drag, better strength, and less heat expansion over steel.
  • Deep groove chrome steel 52100 rings with a premium surface finish.
  • Lubricated with high-speed AeroShell light oil.
  • * Not available in the 5x8 and 10x15 bearings because they are too thin to produce.

Bearing Maintenance

  • You should never use motor spray and especially not brake cleaner on any RC bearing. Those products make cleaning a breeze but at a price, because they are caustic and eat away the surface causing excessive pitting on the races. The best way to clean bearings is to use a citrus cleaner which you can usually find at home depot or even the grocery store and safe to have on your skin. It takes a bit more work but your bearings will thank you. There are several ways to do it, an ultrasonic cleaner is the best to make a soak with but with our current Aura line having no seals you may pour the citrus cleaner into a bowl and put the bearing on a top shaft, diff outdrive, or idler pin so you can submerse it in the solution and lightly spin the bearing so any debris will work its way out. Once the bearing is smooth again, remove the residue left behind by the citrus cleaner by running water over them and then immediately dry them. We suggest using an air compressor to make sure no water is left but don't let the air compressor spin the bearing (very bad for the balls and races to be operated at such high RPM). Once dry, lubricate quickly to protect the bearings from humidity and so you don’t accidentally run them dry. We suggest using Avid Slip Oil or Slide Grease.

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