14x25x6 Ceramic Rear

14x25x6 Ceramic Rear

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The Avid 14x25x6 Ceramic Engine Bearing offers the maximum performance and reliability to your racing engine at an unbeatable price. The bearing specs are Abec5, 9 G3 Si3N4 Ceramic Balls, PA66 with 30 Glass Fiber Cage, and Chrome Steel 52100 Rings. It has no seals to allow for proper lubrication from the oil in your fuel. A ceramic engine bearing can allow most RC engines to spin an extra 500 rpm with less drag and the life of the bearing is far greater over a steel bearing. Another benefit to ceramics is the weight difference in the balls allowing for less rotating mass.

If your engine is not listed below, please check with your manufacturer first to see what size you require.

Engines Used In

  • Reedy: VR, VR-ST
  • Axial: .28 RR Spec 1
  • Mostly older engines that aren't produced anymore, please notify us if you have an engine that this works in.


  • Diagnosing: If you hold the head of the engine with your hand and a rattle sound disappears then you have a worn out rear bearing. The risks/issues of a bad rear bearing are not holding a tune, crank can get worn, and worst of all the bearing comes apart and eats your piston/sleeve.
  • Installation: The best way to install is to use a bearing puller/installer, OFNA makes a very affordable one. If you place the new bearing in the freezer for 15 minutes it will be easier to install.
  • Positioning: For proper lubrication, face the open side where you can see the balls to the rear of the motor (not the clutch side).

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14x25x6 Rear
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14x25x6 Ceramic Rear
SKU: MR2514C | Price: $20.00

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