5x11x4 Ceramic Metal

5x11x4 Ceramic Metal

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The 5x11x4 Ceramic Metal (MR115ZZC) bearings are a high quality steel/chrome bearing with metal shields and silicone nitride ceramic balls (Si3N4). These bearings have been tested and proven by many racers.

5x11x4 Halo ceramic bearing by Avid Racing Concepts is a popular bearing for 8th scale buggies like the Losi 8ight, Kyosho MP9, and Hot Bodies D8 as well as many helicopters.. A ceramic can spin at higher rpms with less drag and the life of the bearing is far greater than a steel bearing but in our industry we suggest that you maintain them with oil or grease every half-gallon to a gallon for the longest life possible. Another benefit to ceramics is the weight difference in the balls allowing for less rotating mass.

Clutch Tip

  • It is advised to blow out the grease by removing a single rubber seal or if both sides are metal just leave the bearing assembled. You blow the grease out by using an air compressor to remove the bulk of the grease to prevent fling onto your clutch shoes (causes the clutch to slip and overheat which deteriorates the life of the clutch and bearings). You are wanting to leave a thin layer of grease though in bearing to provide the lubrication. This should be done on any clutch bearing.

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