MBX8 Aluminum Shock Standoffs | +4.5mm | Pair

MBX8 Aluminum Shock Standoffs | +4.5mm | Pair

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Mugen MBX8 +4.5mm Aluminum Shock Standoffs are made from 7075-T6 (Hard Anodized for durability) and generally used on the rear of the vehicle to adjust the shock angle to provide more rear bite on low traction tracks.


  • Run your M3 nylon lock nut backwards so that the nylon is facing the shock cap and tighten all the way down. This removes all the slop but with the rounded portion of the nut touching the shock cap bushing, there is never any bind. If this for some reason drives you crazy, install the M3 nut like the manual suggests and back it off just a hair to allow the shock cap to have a very small amount of twist (Nylon flush with the end of the screw). Don't forget to also loctite your screw that goes into the shock standoff at all times. After 100's of hours of use on these in the MBX7 and now MBX8, we have never had a shock come loose.


  • Mugen MBX8, MBX7, MBX6, and MGT7 (All Versions)



  • 7075-T6 Hard Anodized.
  • Designed to adjust the rear shock angle to provide more rear bite in low traction situations.
  • Includes 2 MBX8 +4.5mm Aluminum Shock Standoffs, (2) M3x30 Screws, and 1 Avid mini decal.

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