TLR 22X-4 Carbon Shock Tower | Rear | -4mm

TLR 22X-4 Carbon Shock Tower | Rear | -4mm

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SKU: AV10064-R-4
Price: $20.00
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The TLR 22X-4 -4mm Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower is made from 100% carbon fiber, lowers the front shocks 4mm for less CG, added upper camber link hole to make the front end more predictable, lightly chamfered edges to maintain that TLR factory look and to help prevent splitting, and Avid logo machined into the upper support arm.


  • 100% Carbon Fiber, 4mm thick.
  • Shock holes are lowered 4mm for lower CG on high bite surfaces.
  • Lightly chamfered edges to help prevent splitting.
  • Added an extra upper camber link hole.
  • SKU: AV10064-R-4
  • Fits: TLR 22X-4.

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