13mm Pistons | 2.5mm | 2x1.8mm | AE | 2pk

13mm Pistons | 2.5mm | 2x1.8mm | AE | 2pk

Product Information

SKU: AV10107-2x1.8
Price: $8.00
Quantity: 100+ in stock

Product Overview

The AV10107 machined 13mm pistons for the new AE 13mm shocks are the thicker 2.5mm style with 2x1.8mm holes. They offer a conventional setup but with a perfectly machined round piston and square 90° edges for a tight-fitting piston that has little blow-by creating more pack on jumps. The AE piston has a slightly rounded outer edge and the holes are chamfered which results in harder landings. Over the years here at Avid, we have developed a process of keeping all the edges sharp with little to no burrs to keep your confidence high when landing big jumps.

Piston Tips

  • A square 90° angle on the piston edge and holes is one of the most overlooked advantages of a machined piston. Our pistons have very sharp edges and sometimes this leaves a small amount of flashing that can easily be removed with your fingernail. Do NOT use a nail file or anything abrasive.

Piston Features

  • Fits the new 13mm shocks for Team Associated (13mm bore, 2.5mm shaft hole, 2.5mm thick).
  • Machined perfectly round with square 90° edges for a tighter fit to the bore of the shock body for less blow-by creating more pack on jumps.
  • This 2.5mm thickness allows the shock to pack more on big landings but at the cost of fast bump handling, for that use our AV10106 2.0mm thick pistons.
  • Has a single dimple if you want to add a small 1.0mm bleeder hole to give the car more bite on slow corners.
  • Each package includes 2 pistons inside of a Doodad container printed with AVID logo.

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